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Flute Cleaning 101 : Maintenance and How to Clean Your Instrument Properly

Updated: Feb 17

Have a flute that needs a good cleaning? Here's a step-by-step guide to help keep your flute in top shape!

Step 1: Start by disassembling the flute, carefully removing each piece.

Step 2: Gently clean the outside of each piece with a soft cloth to remove dust, dirt, or fingerprints.

Step 3: Use a cleaning rod, cloth, or a cleaning brush to clean the inside of the body, headjoint, footjoint, keys, tone holes, etc. Make sure to be thorough but delicate to avoid any damage.

Step 4: Dry each piece thoroughly before reassembling the flute.

Step 5: Lastly, apply a small amount of key oil to the moving parts to ensure smooth performance. Remember, regular flute cleaning is essential for maintaining its sound quality.

Happy cleaning! Here are the flute supplies recommendations:

Share your own flute cleaning tips or experiences in the comments below!


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