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Message From Mrs. Ahn...


Montgomery County Public Schools and Mrs. Ahn, the instrumental music director, invite you and your child to participate in the Instrumental Music program. Mrs. Ahn believes in empowering her students to confidently learn music and perform in concerts by providing a positive, fun, and respectful learning environment. Our school band and orchestra is one of the talented groups in the county. According to many studies, students who participate in music have higher test scores regardless of socioeconomic background.  Instrumental Music is also an academic course, so students earn a grade for participating. Band & orchestra musicians have the opportunity to participate in winter, spring, and cluster concerts, talent shows, school assemblies, and more! It is my hope that your child will consider joining the Band & Orchestra to start a wonderful musical journey.

On this site you will find updates and resources for instrumental music program offered at your school. Simply click on the information you are interested in viewing. It is my hope that this will help to keep everyone well informed about what goes on in music class & encourage music making beyond school. Enjoy! 


Want To Join Band or Orchestra?

Lesson Schedule

Lesson Times

Pine Crest ES Instrumental Music Schedule    

Instrumental Music Lessons are offered on Tuesdays (AM), Thursdays, and Fridays (AM) this year.

Potomac ES Instrumental Music Schedule    

Instrumental Music Lessons are offered on Tuesdays (PM), Wednesdays this year.

Fields Road ES Instrumental Music Schedule    

Instrumental Music Lessons are offered on Mondays

November Holiday & Half Day Schedule

Concert Info

Concert Dates

[Save The Date]

PCES Winter Music Concert (Band, Orchestra, and Chorus): 
Date: Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 
Time: 7:00pm
Location: TBD


PCES Spring Music Concert (Band, Orchestra, and Chorus)
Date: Thursday, May 26th, 2020 
Time: 7:00pm
Location: TBD

 Concert Attire: white top & black bottom, black shoes

 Call Time: All musicians arrive at 6:15PM for tuning & dress rehearsal

Information for Parents

Welcome to Instrumental Music Department

Supply List for Band & Orchestra Instruments - recommended brands can be asked via email.


*Make sure to record practice minutes on our "Olympic Chart"

*Make sure to sign their practice charts for full credit.

Online Sites...

Useful Sites

Pine Crest YouTube Channel to listen to and watch performances of music we are learning. Make practice more fun! Used for educational purpose only.

FREE ONLINE METRONOME if you don't want to spend money on the metronome. Practice with the correct tempo or change the beats of your choice.

FREE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS INTERACTIVE APP of the Essential Elements Book 1 if you don't want to use the CD player. Download the app for your child to have more fun practicing at home! 

SUMMER MUSIC CAMP & COMPETITIONS posted on my website. List of the local and abroad list of the top summer camps for music (band and orchestra).

MCPS Approved Private Teachers - list of the county approved teachers for private lessons. *list shared by MCPS teachers

MCPS Instrumental Music Site for more info about the program.

FREE STRING BASICS BOOK APP Interactive Practice Studio for home practice routine with free tuner, accompaniment tracks, video lessons, studio, and more!

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Guide to Successful Practice at Home For Students:
Step 1: Figure out the note name (write down if necessary)

Step 2: Clap (pluck for string player) the notes using the correct rhythm an of the song. 

Step 3: Listen & finger along on your instrument with the music- build your finger muscles!
Step 4: Practice slowly (without the music first) then gradually increase the tempo

Step 5: Practice daily until you reach the CD (concert) tempo. Minimum 5 times.

Keep track of your practice routine on your practice chart. Have you practiced enough? 

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